Feel Art was born in Barcelona, a great city to buy art. It is in constant turmoil, it is innovative and responsive to its ancient roots, but at the same time, it is awaiting of new trends. A few months later Feel Art opens in Tenerife, the island witch on the 80s welcomed European artists attracted by its splendid landscapes and magical light.

Feel Art is a service provided by Personal Art Shopper which brings you closer to the artist so any artwork purchase becomes a unique experience. Why? Because an original and unique piece speaks about you, makes you feel good and will always accompany you. Because the contact with art and with the artists gives you a different and fascinating way of seeing the world.

With Feel Art you will get in touch with contemporary artists who will tell you about their creative process and what is the story behind their artwork. All of them offer an original and captivating artistic proposal, with a high recognized standing and trading, which have been exhibited in national and international exhibitions.

Buy art in a different way


Personal Art Shopper

Feel Art offers you a different way of buying art in Barcelona and Tenerife with a Personal Art Shopper. Trusting a Personal Art Shopper means saving time and ensuring a good result. Specially, if you have never bought art we know that at first it seems complicated. Even if this is not the first time, you are going to enjoy doing it in a different way. Our job is to provide guidance and professional advice taking into account your concerns and needs. We make your purchase or your gifts exclusive by visiting artists workshops that match your taste and your budget.

And, if you do not know what you're looking for: Don’t worry, this is the most normal if you are not used to buying art. Feel Art will help you find the work of art for you. This is our job. Are you in a hurry? You are not sure yet? You set your own rhythm. If you are far away and you are traveling to Barcelona, we can arrange a meeting before your arrival. Just let us know and everything will be taken care of. We also see to it that your work reaches its destination in perfect condition and looks amazing. For this purpose, we offer you some optional services that will help you enjoy your artwork even more. To do this, we work closely with excellent suppliers that, if necesary, will help in the framing, packaging, transport, insurance, etc.

Who we are

Feel Art is a project devised by Maite Castellet, a marketing and communication expert with an extensive experience in the cultural world. We are based in Barcelona and Tenerife. We are a team of professionals at your disposal. We have only one goal: making you living a unique and memorable experience when buying a work of art (even if you have never done it before).

The artists participating in Feel Art have a solid career an international recognition and a firm share on the art market. You will often see their works in contemporary art museums, private collections and foundations. They are painters, sculptors and photographers with very different and creative proposals. They are united by the pleasure of sharing with you the stories that lie behind their works. If you want to know who they are or see a sample of their works, please contact us.


  1. Meeting the Personal Art Shopper (location to be agreed upon). Duration: 1 h approx
    First meeting with the Personal Art Shopper where they advise and help the client to choose the artist and the style that best match what the client expects aesthetically and economically.*
  2. Meeting with the artist. Duration: 2h approx.
    In the artist’s work place, they show their artworks and explain their creative proposal. With Feel Art’s advice, the client takes his/her decision by looking at their preferences and economic availability.**
  3. Planning of optional services

* For non-resident clients, can be arrange from a distance and plan the artist’s meeting in advance.
** If in the first meeting with the artist the client doesn’t find the piece that he/she is looking for, if they have enough time it’s possible start again.

Price: 150€ (taxes included), refundable in the first purchase over 1.000€

Includes: Guidance and advice according to each costumer’s taste and price range, visit to the artist’s workshop, planning of the optional services.
Not included: Artwork purchase price, transfer and similar costs incurred for meetings and visits.
Options: Artwork framing, packing, shipping, carrier insurance, etc.


Feel Art gives out a part of the profits to two charity projects, a local one and an international one. This year the contributions will be assigned to Red Cross and Save the Children. Even if you are not a Feel Art's customer, if you want to help them with these projects, you can make your contribution here:

Cruz Roja

Save the Children


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